New Tech Blog

I figure it’s time for me to start a blog for tech stuff only, and separate that stuff from my personal blog. My friends and family never really cared about my Rails posts, although a very few were interested in the Linux stuff. Plus this will give me a chance to play with actually having a hosted rails app, and the price couldn’t be beat – FREE! I don’t know how can offer such a great deal, especially for something that seems as complicated and memory hungry as a rails deployment, but I’ll take it, along with this sweet domain name that I’m surprised isn’t bought or parked by one of those annoying domain parking companies.

So far the first step has been setting up Mephisto as a blogging engine. It looks interesting, but I’m not sure I like it better than wordpress yet. I failed miserably installing it at first because I tried to load the schema myself instead of running the recommended ‘rake db:bootstrap’. For such a young blogging system it does look very mature though.