Working at Puppet Labs

I’m excited to say that I started a new job last week at Puppet Labs. This means I’m back to working with Ruby code (I don’t think I’ll miss Perl much), not going to be doing much web development and pumped to be working on an open source project. The development team is small and really smart, and it’s fascinating to see how things operate in a startup company that’s based on a widely used, mature code base with a lot of community involvement.

There’s a lot of new things to learn, and finally working on a Mac and retraining my fingers on where the control key is may be one of the hardest. Just kidding, although that has been more of my brain power this last week than I’d like. Some of the cool new areas I’m looking forward to exploring in Puppet include parsers (Puppet has it’s own language), client server models other than with a web browser and working with directed graphs (finally going to get a chance to use all that graph math from college).

I’ll miss my coworkers at Rentrak and wish them luck with their code. I’ll be going to Open Source Bridge next week, so I’ll see some of them there I assume.