Starting at LivingSocial

I’m a little late to write this post since I’m already starting my second week, but I’ve got a new job with LivingSocial. I’m excited about the projects that I’ll have the opportunity to work on and they’ve been hiring a lot of really awesome Ruby developers, so I hope to learn a lot from my new coworkers. I’m in Washington DC right now for my week of orientation since that’s where the company is based, but I’ll be working full time in Portland still, in fact just 5 blocks from my old office.

Leaving Puppet Labs was a difficult decision since they’re a great company that’s also got a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline. They’re improving, growing and innovating, and I wish them the best to continue to do so. They’ve got a lot of great people with more starting all the time – the company is many, many times the size it was when I started at around 10 employees. I’ll really miss being paid to work on open source software and doing so much work on non-web applications. I like web apps, but it’s certainly nice to do something else from time to time.

I’ll still be looking for ways to contribute to Puppet as I can, now as a community member – maybe I’ll finally finish that patch to have command line completion for Puppet – but first I’ve got a lot of new code to get familiar with.